About Us

Franklin Douglass

The Franklin Douglass name was inspired by two of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time – Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass.  

Benjamin Franklin as one of our country’s founding fathers is considered to be America’s first entrepreneur. His diverse contributions to society and science provide us many of the conveniences we enjoy to this day. Benjamin Franklin once said “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning”.  

Frederick Douglass was best known as a social reformer, writer and statesmen. Born into slavery, Frederick Douglass self-educated himself to read and write. After escaping slavery, Frederick Douglass embarked on a journey of promoting equal rights and writing. Frederick Douglass stated “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”. The partners of Franklin Douglass felt these individuals embody the achievements and challenges our clients face on a daily basis.  Thus, the formation of Franklin Douglass.     

Franklin Douglass, LLC is a business advisory firm based in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our advisory services include mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, debt refinancing, corporate restructuring, profit enhancement strategies and connecting a client's organization to companies and/or individuals that can make a meaningful difference.  

Our clients range from companies looking to expand through add-on investments to organizations that have struggled after navigating through difficult economic cycles. We understand that people are the most important element to successful organizations. Franklin Douglass' can provide resources and implement solutions that fit your needs for the present and future. 

Peter Musha

A financial services executive with 15 plus years of analytical, management and portfolio management and relationship management experience with various highly reputable financial organizations. A diversification of expertise in the following sectors of banking which include consumer, small business and commercial (lower and middle market) banking. Proven success in growing sales and increasing revenue through portfolio management and leadership in a team environment. 

Experience includes credit analysis, business development, commercial loan origination and workouts/restructurings. During Peter’s tenure in the banking industry, he demonstrated a proven track record in collateral analysis, credit and financial analysis, legal documentation review, transaction structuring and transaction pricing. 

Michael Dobson

Michael has vested more than twenty-five years in mergers and acquisitions with an emphasis on deal sourcing, transaction structuring and comprehensive due diligence.  Through employment and advisory relationships, services performed included, but not limited to, deal sourcing, investment analysis, transaction funding, debt restructuring, legal document review, corporate restructuring, tax planning, brand development and implementation of systems and controls for effective variable cost management.      

Michael has been involved with various equity groups actively acquiring companies throughout the United States. Michael served as an advisor to Jacsten Holdings; Jacsten Holdings is a Wisconsin based equity group.  During his time with Jacsten, Michael was involved in sourcing and analyzing investment opportunities, developing corporate brand, preparing investment summaries and other private equity related functions. Michael also provided advisory services on the business operations of one of Jacsten’s portfolio companies.  

Michael also served as the Director of Acquisitions for KSL Fairways' Midwest region; KSL Fairways' was an investment affiliate of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Company.  During his time there, Michael initiated the expansion into the Midwest which produced an average 34.9% return on equity in the first year.