Franklin Douglass, LLC is a business advisory firm based in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our advisory services include mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, debt refinancing, corporate restructuring, profit enhancement strategies and connecting a client's organization to companies and/or individuals that can make a meaningful difference.  

Our clients range from companies looking to expand through add-on investments to organizations that have struggled after navigating through difficult economic cycles. We understand that people are the most important element to successful organizations. Franklin Douglass can provide resources and implement solutions that fit your needs for the present and future.


The principles of Franklin Douglass bring years of experience ranging from financing clients as a direct representative of lending institutions to participation in private equity groups. Franklin Douglass provides clients the opportunity to team up with individuals with years of experience on the other side of transactions. If your business is seeking debt or equity capital, early or late-stage financing, or any combination thereof, we likely have consummated a similar transaction that successfully achieved a predetermined investment criteria. 

Franklin Douglass is well versed in the time and effort necessary to execute a successful engagement. We recognize that a company’s capital needs are proprietary as a company’s operations and culture. However, the commonality among successful companies is the consistent effort to minimize capital costs to meet, or exceed, a company’s return objectives. A company operating with an under-funded or disproportionate capital structure will struggle to achieve any level of success.  

Franklin Douglass may participate in select opportunities, but primarily serves to secure debt, equity and other types of capital from our proprietary network. Franklin Douglass has long-standing relationships with a variety of traditional and non-traditional debt sources, private equity groups, individual equity investors, etc. The preparation and process to obtain optimal capitalization requires a full-time commitment.   

Franklin Douglass’ project management includes, but not limited to, transaction structuring, investment summary development and managing various advisors which alone can be a monumental task. A company’s business operations and day-to-day decisions consume the majority of an executive management team’s resources which provides them little time to initiate and manage a capital project. Teaming up with Franklin Douglass to orchestrate a project will significantly enhance the likelihood of completing an efficient and successful process. 

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  • Sell-Side Transaction Services
  • Buy-Side Transaction Services
  • Recapitalization
  • Equity Capital
  • Refinancing / Restructuring

Deal Examples

Every transaction is unique as are the circumstances leading up to the transaction.  This section provides highlights of certain transactions Franklin Douglass was able to deliver a solution to mitigate certain challenges faced by the client.

Completed Projects

Section provides brief description of deals completed for the benefit of our clients.


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