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Michael Dobson

 My twenty-five plus years experience is largely based on mergers and acquisitions with an emphasis on post-transaction integration. Through employment and advisory relationships, I have performed services including, but not limited to, deal sourcing, investment analysis, transaction funding, debt restructuring, legal document review, corporate restructuring, tax planning, brand development and implementing systems and controls for effective variable cost management.

Additionally, I served as the Director of Acquisitions for KSL Fairways' midwest region; KSL Fairways' was an investment affiliate of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Company. During my time there, I initiated the expansion into the Midwest which produced an average 34.9% return on equity in the first year

Peter Musha

 A financial services executive with 20+ years of; analytical / management / portfolio mgmt / and relationship management experience with various highly reputable financial organizations. A diversification of expertise in the following sectors of banking which include; consumer, small business, and commercial (middle market) banking. Proven success in growing sales and increasing revenue through portfolio management, and leadership in a team environment.
Experience in credit analysis, business development, and commercial loan origination and workouts/restructurings. Demonstrated skill and proven track record in the following:

• Business Development
• Collateral Analysis
•Credit & Financial Analysis
• Legal Documentation
• Transaction Structuring
• Transaction Pricing

Specialties: Specialties Relationship & Portfolio Management for Small Business, Middle Market, and Commercial Workout. 


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Franklin Douglass, LLC is an investment advisory firm based in Franklin, Wisconsin. Our advisory services include mergers and acquisitions, recapitalization, profit enhancement strategies and network expansion to connect a client's organization to companies and/or individuals that can make a meaningful difference.

Our clients range from companies looking to expand through add-on investments to organizations that struggle after navigating through difficult economic cycles. We understand that people are the most important element to successful organizations. Franklin Douglass' primary goal is to provide a solution and implement resources that fit your needs for the present and future. 

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