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Every company should have a strategic plan for managing their greatest investment.  Having a successful company demands having a vibrant and talented workforce. Let us help you develop and maintain an environment of success. 


Job Descriptions

Having a clear understanding of what each person does in your organization is imperative to efficient operations. Does everyone understand their role in the company and how to be successful? We can write job descriptions based on current employee responsibilities or based on industry standards for specific positions.

Management Development

Do your key employees have the tools needed to be successful? Do they have the training and knowledge to perform at their best? Let your staff know you are invested in them by providing a consistent and accessible training program. Individual programs increase productivity, loyalty and morale.  

Recruiting, Hiring and Retention Assistance

Having the right people in the right place creates a vital and dynamic company. Finding the time to recruit and hire the right talent can be daunting. We can help you find people and navigate the interview process. We can also help you with personality profiles. This can be a very valuable tool to improve communication and discover your staffs strongest attributes.  

Employee reviews/ job evaluations

Having a regular review process creates accountability for staff. It also gives management an opportunity to have open communication with employees. We can implement a review process, including self assessment, team review, job satisfaction and needs, and a traditional management to employee review. We can also help you conduct the review process.

Cultural changes

Sometimes you realize that there are pervasive issues that need to be resolved for your company to be successful. We can help you with long term planning to resolve these issues, improve the company culture and keep your employees engaged and informed.


Need an employee manual? Code of conduct or anti-harassment policy? Employee files, FMLA, safety procedures, company wide training? We can develop manuals and conduct training for your entire company or specific departments. 

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